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808 series hair removal machine big promotion!

808 series hair removal machine big promotion!

2020-10-16 15:11:14

>>808 single wave or 755nm/808nm/1064nm perfect triple wavelengths

>>Germany Imported Emitter, strong energy

>>12 piecs or 16 pieces Germany Dilas original laser bars,600/800W/1200W power is capable to meet all demands of hair removal on the whole body;
>>1-10Hz fast frequency and 15x25mm spot size ensures faster, smooth and effective treatment;
>>Super sapphire touch cooling system ensures painless and comfortable treatment;

>> Italy imported stainless water pump, it can keep machine working long time without stop. Make sure the heat were removed very quickly. 
>>Double filters to keep water quality
>>TEC cooling+ Air Cooling + Water Cooling+Semiconductor cooling
,keep water temperature 26℃-28 ℃ all the time
>>24 hours continues work

>>Easy to operate Data Base system,can do the treatment by man mode and women mode, also different body part.To ensure a safe parameter for new operator

>> Long life time More than 20 millions shots