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MLKJ takes you through the development of diode laser hair removal

MLKJ takes you through the development of diode laser hair removal

2023-07-13 16:02:52

Diode laser hair removal is a widely used method for long-term hair reduction.     It involves the use of a specific type of laser called a diode laser to target and damage the hair follicles, inhibiting their future growth. 


Discovery of Laser Technology: The foundation for laser hair removal was laid with the development of laser technology in the 1960s and 1970s.     The concept of selective photothermolysis, which refers to the ability of lasers to target specific structures in the skin while sparing surrounding tissue, was also established during this period.


Ruby Lasers: In the 1990s, the first laser hair removal systems were introduced using ruby lasers.     These lasers emitted red light at a wavelength of 694 nanometers (nm).     Although effective, they had limitations, such as being suitable only for lighter skin types and causing more discomfort during treatment.


Alexandrite Lasers: Subsequently, alexandrite lasers were developed and became another commonly used option for hair removal.     They emitted light at a wavelength of 755 nm, which allowed for better absorption by melanin in the hair follicles.     Alexandrite lasers offered faster treatment times and could treat a wider range of skin types compared to ruby lasers.


Diode Lasers: Diode lasers emerged as a significant advancement in hair removal technology.     They operate at a wavelength range of 800-810 nm, which strikes a good balance between efficient melanin absorption and deeper penetration into the skin.     This feature made diode lasers suitable for various skin types, including darker skin, while minimizing the risk of skin damage.



Development and Refinement: Over time, diode laser technology has undergone continuous development and refinement.     Improvements have been made in terms of pulse duration, fluence (energy delivered), cooling mechanisms, and spot sizes, resulting in more effective and comfortable treatments.     The introduction of contact cooling systems, such as built-in sapphire or gold cooling tips, has helped minimize pain and reduce the risk of side effects.



In order to obtain the best safety and effectiveness, it is recommended to buy the machine from a professional company, while we can give you a more standardized and safer use method.



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