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CE Factory Price diode laser four wavelength 755 808 940 1064 diode laser for hair removal machine price

  • Cooling system:Water + Air + TEC Semiconductor
  • Spot size:12*36mm or 12*24mm
  • Handle power:1800W/1200W
  • Keyword:diode laser Ice Laser
  • Function 1:laser hair removal
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Diode laser hair removal

Easily treat areas that are normally hard to reach!

Improved Reach
This unique facial head allows you to reach areas of difficult access such
as ears, nose, and interlining, among others.
ICE with cold Sapphire tip, protects the epidermis while keeping the heat
in the dermis, where the follicles are located
1.3 waves 1064nm +Diode 808nm + 755nm, 3 in 1 all skin type can be used
High power: NEW 1000W/ 1200W /1600W handle for options
2.Big spot size 15*25mm, 12*35mmface & body hair removal solution!
3.Cooling system: Unique Dual- TEC cooling system, most effective to ensure machine work all day, 24hr no down time.
4.Long life: double life support guarantee
Newest 100w each bar, new upgraded handle, weight 350g, easy to do treatment.
8 bar 800w; 10 bar 1000w; 12 bar 1200w; 16 bar 1600w

Diode laser hair removal:

»»Safety:No skin scald, no harm to the skin and sweat glands, no scar, no any side-effect.
»»Quick: big spot size 12*38 mm2, effective and quick treatment on big treatment area
»»Permanent hair removal: remove all hiar on all skin tyeps, including taned skin.
»»Crystal temperature: ~5-3℃, reduce the painful and increase comfortable sense in treatment.


1. Painless hair removal, no side effect.2. Strong power, Germany imported laser diode module, 10bar, 12 bars ,16 bars available.
3. Big spot size 12*20 mm or 12*35 mm, for fast hair removal.
4. Best cooling system:air +water+TEC semiconductor condenser, Water temperature can be controlled between 26°C—28°C, 24 hours continuously working.

Handle Long life time 20-40 millions shots

Speed 808nm: Golden standard wavelength for all hair types
Alex 755nm: Specific effective for blonde hair, fine hair
Long Pulse 1064nm:Specific effective for dark, tanned skin best quality ipl shr opt laser/ nd yag /alexandrite laser hair removal machine price
Suitable for diode laser hair removal on all skin of the body
Good Effect of Diode laser hair removal
 diode laser 808nm laser hair removal 1200w
Laser Type
808nm diode laser or 755/808/1064 3 wave
14  inch touch screen system
808nm or 755/808/1064nm
40 million shots
10~150 j/cm2, adjustable
Double TEC cooling
Spot size
12*36mm or 12*24mm for choose
110V/ 60HZ or 220V/50HZ for choose
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Machine size
laser hair removal machine


1)Screen can add your own logo
2)screen with 6 languages
3)different body parts for choose, one touch can start your treatmen





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